Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Jigsaw Puzzles in Facing Examination~

~Jigsaw Puzzles in Facing Examination~

~ We can't direct the wind but we can adjust the sail~

Once the examination comes it totally evoke majority of students and alarm us the battle will start. Dealing with anxiety and stress before and during the examination totally will be a disaster to those who hasn’t well prepared. Everything is in our hands. Let make a move. But the truth is Allah knows everything. We plan but the ultimate Planner is Him. Just struggle as far as you can. There are some familiar conditions to be aware and guidance must be consciously done for having well ‘prognosis’ while counting the days. Leave the result with Him and just continuously praying. Just pray and pray.Why jigsaw puzzle :) yeah an examination is a part of ourlife..the colurs and pieces of life...

Plan our study

As the final examination is just around the corner, we need to create a plan to study effectively and minimize stress. The first step is to figure out how much time and effort we must elocate for the exam by asking the following questions:

How much material do we need to cover?
How difficult is the material?
How much time is available?
Do we have any other priorities during the study period?
What is the format of the exam?
How important is the exam?
What is your performance target for the exam?

Typical question right? But the consequence totally remarkable in our life. If we fail to plan we plan to fail..quite horror ...

Avoid disturbances


I think there will be no big deal if we silent or shut off our mobile before studying. All of us know, how importance mobile is, but it is not the end of our life when people cannot contact us for several hours. Instead of 24 hours messaging and calling, enough for some sms or calls during this period but never ever forget to call you mum or dad..They are waiting for your call actually..hehe..gonna miss them very much during dis period.


“I will just open it and leave it”. Seems familiar? How many times, when you open your laptop, and suddenly there is a new post in your blog. And then surprisingly, you have give comments to all your friends, chatting with your long-lost friends, and downloading a few songs or movies. It seems like a few hours just fly away in a blink of eye! What happens? Just think by yourself.. The clock is keep on ticking and ticking...

Quite hard to avoid it existance....Do pray for me.. :)

Give ourself breaks

Taking breaks is most important during a cramming session. Without breaks, cramming is worthless. Go for a walk, call a friend or eat a snack. Do something to get our mind away from the books for a few minutes. Find your own limit for how long you can study. What should you do on your study break? Anything that relaxes you and lets you work some of the stress out of your system! Here are a few suggestions for both long and short study breaks.

  • Lesion to verse of Al-Quran. it's a great way to relax you mind & even your soul. Allah Who created you and me & He will be always beside us and never ever leave us behind unless we keep on forgetting Him.
  • Take a brisk walk or jog. Physically and psychologically, this is an ideal way to relieve stress, even for a short period of time. Make yourself an energizing "study break mix" on your iPod of MP3 player to energize your soul.
  • Read a novel or even a religous book. Students tend to get really sick of books and avoid reading for relaxing. This is too bad, because reading a novel is a great way to escape your stress.
  • Visit your friend or even your roommates and housemate. Don’t just bother yourself with the entire book when you getting stuck with them. Let visit you friend and having some chatting with him or her. Discuss about the chapter you like or having some outside topic about your life.
  • Have a study snack.This part I prefer most. Skipping meals when you were studying will make you grumpy and definitely won't help you study effectively. Make sure you get some nutrition.

Bridging your soul

Finally the main idea we should always bear in our mind is, directly connection with Him. Learning and treating is our task as khalifatul ard but don’t forget to continuously observe our iman state whether we are facing critical time. As the only one we have is and hereafter..