Friday, March 30, 2007

moic:last session

~MOIC 07~

...Allah is alwayz with us...

Time passed and it will still running and leave us behind...Therefore,2nd Model of Islamic Conference will be held next week..and today is our last session..for sure,I will miss you all..but our mission doesn't complete yet...and praise only to Allah,bcoz He the only one that can help our Ummah..Glad to be one of the members. As many other models the session of the ACs were held regularly,and the OCs continued their efforts to succeed this model..hopefully Allah bless us..Thus I hope that we are still not forgeting what has been faced by Muslims whole over the world.Thus we are not supposely to live happily pretend that nothing happen to Islam.."they " insult us..should we just stand and do nothing..??open your eyes..and play your role in the community..Dont just talk and discuss coz it doesnt not change anything..but we must do something..How dare us to allow our enemy treat us in such a terrible way..??Although the give bad expression on us,we must be patient and try harder to prove that Islam is the best way of life..We are the image of Islam..Islam is beautiful..Thus dakwah n tarbiyah will be the best solution..but Muslims, themselve must know their position n responsibility...We have to wake up from our sleepWe should do something..Innallaha ma'ana

See you guys in the conferrence

~The Only 'thing' we need is Allah~