Friday, March 07, 2008


flying brain::keep thinking::but the fact is all in HIs hand

Demi seorang sahabat..ku siapkan juga kerja umah ni…Has been tagged by her..Just simple things from me…as I’m an ordinary person nothing special bout my lovely Kiena…here they are..

Tagged by Kiena
1. Maryam Fatin Hanisah
2. Samsiah Binti Jusoh
3. Faten Thaaherah
4. Syed Murzaki Syed Ali
5. Nurulhuda Ahmad Sani
6. Syed Muhammad Solehin
7. Ayah Do
8. Wan Nur Farhana Binti Mohd Yunus
9. Atiqah Amran
10. Nadiah Damanhuri

The questions to be answered..[owh dear dear]

1) How long have you known number 4?
[Syed Murzaki Syed Ali] since I’ve born..He is my dearest father~miss him so much~but not only Him..ummi & truly the whole BIG family–

2) Is number 1 your best friend?
[Maryam Fatin Hanisah]
Aiwah, the most caring person I know..and she understand what I feel..~you alwayz in my heart kak yam~..even her words can let me think twice to do something..

3) Do you have a crush on number 6?
[Syed Muhammad Solehin]
hoho..nothing to say..but as this is my bro..sejak kecik we are twinkle naughty partners…hehe..normal la akak ngan adik kn..I do love him much..can’t explain by words~u are the only one I have..Mga dikau jadi perwira deenul Islam adikku..

4) Would you date number 7?
[Ayah Do]
mmm selalu je..but the prob is>> now he is married..not jelous but I’m hapi coz can meet my cute aunt…hehe…dis is my lovely & daring uncle..

5) How bout number 5?
[Nurulhuda Ahmad Sani]
hehe..of course I want to…hehe since we are now both in Egypt..syukur lillah if I can meet her…a lot of stories will be share

6) If you could pick one nickname for number 8 what would it be and why?
[Wan Nur Farhana]
…let me think 1st.Aha! She deserve to be called as CUTE AMOI..she cute and she has Chinese look. Our face was totally different although we are cousin..

7) Name one inside joke you have with number 10/if you don’t have any for some reason, name a memory you have with number 10?
[Nadiah Damanhuri]
ha ha..knowing her from intec as she was my housemate..and now again we are..jodoh katakan..byk sgt memori ngan dia ni..but I respect her..orgnyer sistematik n berkaliber..tanpa mu saper lah daku…ngeh2..

8)Have you ever been on a trip with number 4?
[Syed Murzaki Syed Ali]
All the time in my life I’m with him, so it’s YES...sangat beruntung if can spend tym with sgt seronok kalau dpt g jalan2.

9) Have you ever had a sleepover with number 5?
[Nurulhuda Ahmad Sani]
ha ha even we slept at balcony together..

10) Do you think number 9 is hot or not?
[ Atiqah Amran]
bombastic person I’ve meet..nice and ada daya tarikannye sendiri..miss u tqam am

11) Have you ever met number 3’s parents?
[Faten Thaaherah]
selalu jer..tido umh dia pun pernah..Ibarat mak ayah kita jugak..nasihat mereka sgt berguna buat diri…

12) Have you ever hugged number 8?
[Wan Nur Farhana]
mmm…pernah je…dari kecik main sama2..

13) Do you miss number 7 right now?
[Ayah Do]
~truly yessss..when can I see him??

14) If you could say any one thing to number 9 without any consequences, what would it be?
[Atiqah Amran]
Allah is The OnLY One we matter what prob u facing rite now..just remember that we have HIM as our protector…Jagalah imanmu..n finally good luck 4 your matter what you take..I will alwayz beside u.You are never alone!!

15) Would you ever makeout with number 6?
[Syed Muhammad Solehin]
he he it’s my bro..tau2 je la camna yer..sbg akak hidup ini utk memberi =)

16) How about number 10?
[Nadiah Damanhuri]
Ngeh2 tak sesuai…yg penting jg hubungn kerna ukhwah itu penting

17) Do you have any pictures of number 1?
[Maryam Fatin Hanisah] uish..tak terbilang dek jari..since primary n secondary we have born together
~uhibbuki fillah~

18) Do you have a crush on anyone on this list?
Biasala dalam perhubungan itu ada pahit manis..but those are among my starz & my whatever they do I really wanna support them..

19) Do you miss anyone on this list?
yeah, I do…tak terpikul dah

20) Have you ever hugged anyone on this list?

at last it comes to an end..ho ho so the next 3 people I’ll tag are – Nadiah , Aimi and Chep…have fun but do it if u have tym..tiada paksaan dlm agama..salam buat semua!!!
and Allah knows best..